I agree, that Facebook/Google transmitted automaticaly information to Web Administration S.L. and use this subsequent. In practiclar my profil-informations, especially my Basisdata. I have read the data protection.

I can revoke these consent via Mail to support@camworld.tv .

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General terms and conditions for visitors

1. Scope of Application

2. Data protection

3. Registration and participation preconditions

4. Rights and obligations of the visitor

5. Subject matter of the contract and scope of services rendered

6. Costs of the services rendered

7. Software / Copyright

8. Liability

9. Modification of the General Terms and Conditions

10. Final Clauses / Place of Jurisdiction

11. Termination Deadline



§1. Scope of Application/General information

Camworld.tv and affiliated partner programms render their services exclusively on the basis of these general terms and conditions. No terms and conditions of the visitor which vary from or contradict these conditions will be accepted by Camworld.tv. The visitor accepts the general terms and conditions when using the services offered by Camworl.tv. If the visitor rejects the general terms and conditions, he shall not be authoritzed to use the services offered by Camworld.tv. Camworld.tv reserves the right to modify the general terms and conditions and to adust them to the developments of the Internet. Any improvement in the current services on the side of Camworld.tv does not require modification of the general terms and conditions. The offer of new services is subject to the regulations of these general terms and conditions.


§2. Data Protection

On the basis of the (German) “Bundesdatenschutzgesetz, BDSG,” (Federal Data Protection Act), the (German) “Telekommunikationsgesetz” (Telecommunications Act,TA,), the regulation for data protection and the Teledienstdatenschutzgesetz (Teleservices Data Protection Act), the visitor undertakes that all personal data collected during registration are processed and transmitted exclusively for performing the relevant services and accounting purposes This shall include inventory data, user figures and accounting data. The provider uses the following data for settling of the performers: IP number of the visitor, access data of the sender as well as the day and duration of the connection by chat or telecommunication with the performer. Changing the performers can be carried out within the chat without deregistration of the connection which is liable to a fee. Thus Camworld.tv is not liable for examining the legality of the services and performences offered or used by the performers or the visitors and the contents of the chat or communication. The collection or procession of personal data of the visitor beyond the extend mentioned hereabove requires the visitor’s approval. Data are kept only as long as required by this agreement and in accordance with the relevant applicable law. The visitor shall always be authorized to receive information on the data saved. The provider tells the customer expressly that data protection for data transmission on open networks such as the Internet cannot be completely guaranteed with the state of the art technology.


§3. Registration and participation preconditions

Using the offer and the sites of the Camworld.tv requires proper registration. Registration and using the offer and sites of the provider is only possible for persons with a minimum age of 18 and who are of  full legal capacity. Upon the visitor’s registration, all information shall be accurate and complete. The visitor shall at all times protect the sites of the webserver as well as -under certain circumstances- other data saved by himself such as his user name, password, photo material, online access or other ways of access within the telecommunication of the webmaster from any third party gaining unauthorized knowledge thereof, particularly from minors or people in need of protection. The visitor is fully liable for using the sites and offers made by the provider which require logins and passwords. The visitor shall immediately inform the provider about the loss of identification data or about third parties’ gaining aunauthoritzed knowledge thereof. Camworld.tv is able to control network security and control communication. The visitor shall fully provide for the security of the data transmitted on the internet and saved on the webserver. The visitor undertakes that upon registration of the visitor and the use of the services offered by the performer, the agreement between visitor and performer is limited. The visitor has the possibility to get informed on the presentation of the various performers free of charge. The content of the presentation of the performer is solely at the performer’s discretion. The visitor agrees to cooperate during registration, modification, suspension or deletion of his registration as needed and to execute the  necessary declarations of intention, if necessary. The new service „Dating“ is an exclusive service between our sender and not a service between Camworld and user. If the user may like to use some of the offered services by our sender, a verbal agreement between the sender and the user comes. Solely the sender is in charge for the offered service and not Camworld.


§4. Rights and obligations of the visitor

Upon registration, the visitor has to be at least 18 years old and of full legal capacity. Upon the visitor’s registration all information shall be accurate and complete. It’s up to the visitor to provide for the hardware and software necessary for internet access on his own account.The costs of services offered by the performer and its use by the visitor are to be unlimitedly paid by the user. Camworld.tv shall not be liable for all information arising from the contractual relationship between performer and visitor as to content of the performer, texts, data, software, music, sound, materials, photos, graphics, e-mail contacts, contacts, videos or any other materials which are to be distributed to the visitor when using Camworld.tv. The person that has distributed the content is to be held liable.

Camworld.tv pays attention to the compliance with the statutory regulations. Consequently, the visitor shall be obliged to refrain from distributing or demanding illegal pornography via or on the sysem. When using Camworld.tv, the visitor is specially obliged not to do the following:

A. sexual relations with children or;

B. performances which glorify violence;

C. illegal pornography;

D. do harm to minors;

E. pretend to be the representative, administrator or any other person

responsible for these minor when using the services

F. save or distribute personal data of visitors or performers;

G. hack, deteriorate or interrupt the services or the servers connected to

these services, networks

H. not comply with rules and regulations of networks conncected with the service;

I. harass, threaten, slander, hassle or abash or do any harm to either natural

or legal persons;

J. copy, manifold, counterfeit, sell or resell services, contents or parts

of the services and its use or its access to the services;

K. use the services of the provider for commercial purposes if not explicitly

granted by Camworld.tv;

L. take advertising measures in the scope of the various services offered.


§5. Scope of Services

Camworld.tv provides to the visitor as well as to the performer the relevant software in the scope of the various services offered. The software is made available on the Internet, i.e. it can exclusively be used online by means of internet presence requiring the provision of storage space. Furthermore, Camworld.tv offers the developing and/or  maintenance of services. The concrete scope of services, i.e. the products and services included are to be acquired as mentioned above.


§6. Costs of the services offered

Registration of the software of Camworld is free of charge. The services which are subject to a fee are shown next to the respective services. For using the modes of payment offered, the prices indicated apply. For using the telephone value added number, the telephone fees indicated apply when using a landline telephone. Prices for calls from mobile network can differ. Information on mobile communications costs can be obtained from your mobile network operator. Camworld.tv is entitled to resort to third parties’ services when services used become due. The visitor expressly contents to Camworld.tv’s odering a credit report of the visitor from SCHUFA, the German credit reference agency, as well as from other credit agencies or credit protection agencies either by itself or by third parties. The visitor consents to Camworld.tv’s reporting to the SCHUFA information about a behaviour not in compliance with the agreement (i.e. confiscation of the credit card due to misuse by the card holder, return debits with undisputed claims, proceedings to the forced scale of collaterals with undisputed claims, initiation of default summons proceedings). As far as such data have been reported to SCHUFA by other customers, Camworld.tv shall be informed hereof. According to the (German) “Bundesdatenschutzgesetz”, the Federal Data Protection Act, reports like these are only legitimate if they are necessary for the protecion of the legitimate interests of Camworld.tv, one of its contractual partners or the general public, thus not harming the interests of the visitors that are worth protecting. The SCHUFA saves the data for giving information on the evalutation of the customer’s creditworthiness to affiliated credit institutions, leasing companies, retailers, mail order companies or other companies that grant credits on money, goods or services to consumers or collect outstanding balances on a professional basis. Companies that collect outstanding balances on a professional basis or that are affiliated to the SCHUFA may be transmitted address data for the purpose of providing information allowing the debtor to be identified. The SCHUFA shall only make these data available to its contractual parners if they can plausibly argue that they have a legitimate interest in the data. The SCHUFA transmits objective data without stipulating the lender; subjective value judgements, personal earning capacities and financial circumstances are not included in the SCHUFA credit report.


§7. Software / Intellectual Property Rights

Camworld.tv provides to the visitor software in the scope of the various services offered. When using this software, Camworld.tv grants to the visitor the non-exclusive right of using this software. Granting the simple rights of use mentioned hereabove explicitly requires the visitor to make complete and accurate data and comply with the rules and regulations of these general terms and conditions. The visitor shall not be autohorized to copy the software or make it accessible to third parties, or lend or rent the software or rights hereof to third parties; or convey it in any other firm to third parties or modify or translate the software; or operate so-called Reverse Engineering or decompile or disassemble the software, or produce any other derivates based on the software. Intellectual property rights as well as any other property rights to use the software remain with Canworld.tv. The visitor shall not be entitled to receive or gain knowledge of the source code of the software provided to him. People or companies which are in competition with the provider or its products or services are not authoritzed to use the software.


§8. Liabilty

Using Camworld.tv is subject to availability and takes place on the user’s own risk. The liability of Camworld.tv shall be excluded as regards any direct and/or indirect damages, including consequential damages to the visitor and/or third parties, irrespective of the basis for the claim (e.g. delay, impossibility, breach of contract other than delay and impossibility, warranty, wrongful act, etc.) Camworld.tv shall not be liable in the event of injury to life, body and health as well as in the event of culpable violation of essential contractual obligations Liability shall also be excluded for simple negligence, indirect damages and nontypical consequential damages. Liability according to the (German) Produkthaftungsgesetz, Product Liability Act, remains unaffacted. Liability for damages caused by a telecommunications structure provided by third parties as well as damages caused by improper maintenance, saving, using, treating, processing or deteriorating of the services provided by Camworld.tv is excluded. Camworld.tv is entitled to a right of retention and a contractual pledge on the visitor's registration data made available until all claims of Camworld.tv or their contractual partners, arising from the business relationship vis-a-vis the visitor, are completely settled. If the visitor is behind in payment, Camworld.tv shall be entitled to -without prior written or oral notice and without granting another term of payment- terminate the agreement without notice and -in its sole discression- delete the registration data of the visitor or transfer them to third parties by deducting the existing outstanding amount of the visitor. Downloading or the receipt of services or contents in connection with Camworld.tv takes place on the visitor’s own risk. Camworld.tv shall not be held liable for the behaviour of visitors or any third parties or for the contents or explanations spread by visitors, performers or any other third parties in the scope of the various services overed. Neither does Camworld.tv take any liability for damages caused by using these services or by the impossibility of using these services towards the visitor or third parties. This exclusion of liablity also applies to the interruption, temporary suspension or termination of the agreement.


§9. Modifications of the General Terms and Conditions

Camworld.tv reserves the right to modify or ammend these general terms and conditions in the future. Modifications or ammendments are particularly pointed out to the visitor. The general terms and conditions only apply if the visitor uses the services of Canworld.tv again after the receipt of the notice.


§10. Final Clause and Place of Jurisdiction

These terms and conditions shall be governed by the law of the business location of Camworld.tv. The domicile of Camworld.tv is the place of performance for all obligations arising from this contract. Regardless of whether the provider is a merchant, all claims arising from this contract can be filed with the relevant courts of the business location of Camworld.tv. Camworld.tv can also file claims against the vistor with the court of his domicile or business location provided both parties are merchants. If the claim filed with the local court of the company, the agreement is made that the visitor as merchant bears the costs for the Camworld.tv’s appearance at the local place of jurisdiction. These terms and conditions shall be governed by the law of the business location of Camworld.tv.

Possibly existing general terms and conditions of customers or suppliers are hereby repudiated. The visitor submits to the general terms and conditions of the provider. If one or more provisions of this contract are invalid or impracticable,it does not affect the validity and the practicaility of the other terms and conditions. The parties have to work together to replace the invalid and impracticable provisions by those which match the commercial aims of the party with the invalid and impracticable provisions best. The above shall apply accordingly to the closing of any gaps in the terms and conditions. The failure of the provider to exercise or enforce any right or provision of the general terms and conditions shall not constitute a waiver of such right or provision. Any subsidiary agreement, alteration and supplment to these general terms and conditions shall be valid only if confirmed in writing.


§11. Termination Deadline

Without prejudice to shorter legal periods all objection concerning the use of the services or of these general terms and conditions must be made within one year after the expiration or they are excluded in perpetuity.



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