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Live-Cam for free!!!
Phone users retrieve the live-stream at no additional costs.
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FAQ / Help

We have prepared this FAQ-list in order to allow you to easily find the answers to the most common questions. If you should have other questions, please contact our webmaster.

Enjoy yourself on our website!


How does it work? 

On our homepage you can find a catalogue with different categories: “Call, Chat-Cam, Phonesex, Purchase videos, Photos". Choose the category you like.


Category “Call with Live Video”:

Here you can choose between different categories: Girls, Boys, Bi, Fetish and so on. When you click on a broadcast station, a new window opens, containing further information regarding this station. This window is called “Setcard”!

In order to see a station you can call him/her via service telephone numbers. When your call gets through, you need to type the P.O. Box number of the station you want to see. The P.O. Box number has four digits and is found in the Setcard under the telephone numbers. When you are asked, type the P.O. Box number using the phone’s buttons. Now you hear some beeps and than your call will get through. Would you also like to see the person at the other end of the line? Then ask him/her for the “Key” (say “Key”). You need to type this 4-digit key in the Setcard window in the Key box and then click on “Start”.

The person will tell you an access code (the so-called key) over the telephone. With this key you will be able to see the person live and free. Now you not only hear the person but also see him/her live! No additional costs will be charged for the live video connection.


You can use our prepaid service to purchase telephone credit via credit card, bank transfer, and so on. You will receive an e-mail within a few seconds telling you that you can now use the telephone credit.

If you call from Germany, use the number with the German flag in front of it, if you call from Switzerland than use the number with the Swiss flag in front of it, and so on.


Category “Chat-Cam”: 

For the text chat and “Chat-Cam” you need a username and password and you first need to purchase Coins. To use the text chat, go to the Setcard window and log in using your username and password. If you have enough Coins, you can connect with the person you want and chat with him/her.


Categories Purchase Videos and Photos:

If you have already registered in our system, you have the possibility to download from your account to your computer the videos you like. You now have the possibility to enjoy your favourite shows even when the stations are not online.


How do I buy Coins?

You only need Coins when you want to use the text chat. In order to call via service call numbers you don't need extra Coins. To purchase Coins or to register in our system, choose a person with the Coins-symbol from our catalogue. The Setcard window opens, and there you can find a button called “Buy Package”. Click on it. You don't have a username and password yet. Think at a username and a difficult to guess password and type them in the fields below. If you also want to register an e-mail, we can help you if you forget your password. Otherwise we can be of no help. After you insert your new access data you can choose a payment method that allows you to buy Coins.

You already have a username and password. Type your username and password in the upper fields and click on the “Ok” button. In your user area you can than choose a payment method. You will be guided through the following steps by the payment system.



You would like to purchase telephone minutes or coins via payment in advance? No problem.
After receiving your transmission to our bank account the telephone minutes or coins credited to your account.


Cam to Cam:

Like the name says, we offer you free Cam to Cam. This means you can also see your favourite person live if you want to. For this you need to have a webcam connected to your computer and you need to open the Cam to Cam program. For you, using Cam to Cam is completely free!


Proof-of-age systems, payment systems?

We continually commit ourselves to offer you a great choice of proof-of-age systems and payment systems. For this reason, we pass the factoring, that is, the payment process and proof-of-age control onto other companies which offer you, in quality of end costumer, the best services. The proof-of-age control is an important matter. You surely understand that we use this to protect children and minors in general.


Join as a broadcast channel or as a webmaster:

Everybody can join and become a broadcast channel. This activity offers diversion and plenty of fun. There are no obligations regarding what you can show or not. You are free in your own transmission. You must be at least 18 years of age in order to be able to broadcast.


Anybody can become a webmaster, you only need a website where you need do present our program. It’s easy to become a webmaster, you only need to register and in a few minutes your webmaster account will be activated. You must be at least 18 years of age in order to be able to become a webmaster.



Activate the camera and microphone

This is how you can use your camera and microphone for our websites.

Click your operating system icon for help.